Dinner also was a salute to Citywide Banks for its longtime

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Seahorns were introduced by Jeannie Ritter, who has made mental health a priority in her role as Colorado first lady and wholeheartedly supports the Seahorns in their belief of we send them, we must mend them. Dinner also was a salute to Citywide Banks for its longtime support of mental health. President Tom Flanagan and vice chairman Marty Schmitz, along with their dad, founder Vince Schmitz, accepted the award.President/CEO Jeanne Rohner said the $300 silver earrings,000 raised will help support programs, education and resources Mental Health America of Colorado provides to some 27,000 Coloradans each year.Guests included attorney Steve Farber; Saunders Construction chief Dick Saunders; jewelry designer John Atencio; Rose Community Foundation boss Sheila Bugdanowitz; 2007 honoree Nancy Gary and her husband, Sam; Patty and Don Cook, mental health advocates and honorary members of the MHAC board; philanthropists Barbara Bridges and Robyn Loup; Dyana and Dr.

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