Just over 180 businesses took part in the programme this year

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Replica Designer Handbags These companies offer the best customer service in CambridgeCambridge BID awards honour service starsThe best customer service in Cambridge was honoured when Cambridge BID held its fifth annual awards, and it was the city’s Build A Bear workshop that stole the show.Is Station Road the city’s new up and coming area?Held at the Cambridge Union Society, the event was attended by representatives from city centre businesses who had all signed up to have their staff and service rated anonymously in the BID’s Mystery Shop programme.Just over 180 businesses took part in the programme this year, including 10 University College B Round one of the mystery shopping, which was conducted by independent market research company Storecheckers, took place in March and replica bags seoul April assessing selling skills, staff attitude, store standards, welcome, goodbye, appearance and local as well as product knowledge. Round two took place in June and early July, assessing the same criteria.This is what replica bags hong kong Cambridge BID will do for the city in the next five yearsThere were two categories for overall Winner ‘in a shopping centre’ and ‘outside a shopping centre’. Build A Bear in the Grand Arcade took the honours in the first category, while Finn Jordan beauty salon and Prohibido Lingerie shared the overall winner outside a shopping centre award. Replica Designer Handbags

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