The Secret of the Wings Ice Skating Rink Now Open at the Disneyland Resort

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Disneyland’s Downtown Disney now offers us a fall/winter adventure in the form of the new ice skating rink.  “The Secret of the Wings”  is located at the west end of Downtown Disney, next to newly opened Earl of Sandwich and across from ESPN Zone.

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Secret of the Wings ice skating rink is now open

I recently visited Downtown Disney to check out the new Secret of the Wings ice skating rink that is now open to the public.  I met a friendly young lady who works there, Stacy, who was only too happy to talk to me about the rink.

The rink opened on Tuesday, 23 October, and will be available to skaters every day through Monday, 7 January 2013.  While talking to Stacy, I noticed that it wasn’t very busy, but that probably had a lot to do with it being the middle of a school/work day.  Stacy assured me that it won’t be long before this rink will be very busy, and people will be lining up to take advantage of the skating sessions. The limit of skaters allowed on the rink at any time is 66, and during busy times, guests should line up a half hour before the session starts to make sure you get your chance to skate.

During the slow times there will be open skating, so my advice for those of you who love to skate is to take advantage and go now during the day, before the crowds come, especially in the evenings. Once more people start skating sessions will be limited to an hour each.  There will also be 15 minutes between sessions for the workers to redo the ice with the zamboni.  Keep an eye out when the zamboni is running, and you might see Stacy up there.

Sessions run $15 each, and $3 to rent skates.  People can bring their own skates to the rink.  There are lockers to hold your belongings, and they rent for each session at $2.  If you visit and just have sandals, they’ll even sell socks to you for $2.  So, provided that you have socks, plan on $20 for the session, skates, and locker rental.  Mandatory helmets are no charge.

Right now, the skating rink stands alone next to the Earl of Sandwich, but beginning Monday, 12 November, there will be a special holiday village surrounding the rink, which will offer snacks and merchandise.

I really like the rink and am looking forward to skating when the village is up, with the music and lights surrounding this fairy wonderland.


Stacy has been working at ice skating rinks for years, and is well-experienced.




After getting skates, guests enter the ice skating rink.  There is also an accessible entrance on the other side.



Rental booths, lockers, and token machine




Accessible entrance with zamboni to the right


A mom and son ice skate, both wearing the requisite helmets.



It wasn’t until the pictures came out that I noticed “Secret of the Wings” written in the ice.  Nice touch.

The lights come on when the sun goes down


Ice Rink Schedule and Prices


With the Secret of the Wings ice skating rink and Earl of Sandwich newly opened in Downtown Disney, the “west side” is going to be a very popular holiday destination.  Guests will be able to indulge in the tasty sandwiches, and then work off the calories right there at the ice rink.



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