Simple Pleasures: A Halloween Time Ride on the Disneyland Omnibus

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Want the best way to see the holiday decorations or to absorb the atmosphere and culture of Main Street, USA in Disneyland Park?  Take a few moments out and climb aboard the Disneyland Omnibus!  As I mentioned in the

      1. 2012 Halloween edition
of the DIS Unplugged Disneyland Podcast, the second deck (of this original creation of Disney Legend and DIS Unplugged friend, Imagineer Bob Gurr) is a great seat to view the decorations and charm of a little piece of living, breathing Disney history.

Take a look at how this marvel of Imagineering gives you a unique Halloween Time view of Main Street!

Found running when you start your day in Disneyland, the Omnibus is actually one of the vehicles that served guests when the park opened in 1955.   (Trivia bit:  The other two “Gurrmobiles” that opened the park with the Omnibus were the parked Carnation Truck and the red Horseless Carriage that also carried 6 passengers down Main Street.)  In 1957, a second Omnibus began service to the park.   I’m not sure if the one I photographed is the original Omnibus or the second one, or if both are still in residence, but that would be a great thing to remember to ask the driver the next time we ride.



Speaking of the drivers, they are actually one of the best treasures of riding the Omnibus.  They are always smiling, helpful, and full of pride in their Main Street Vehicles.  If you catch them with or without riders, many of them are happy to share facts and stories relating to their given charge!    Stories, like the one about how the Omnibus was driven to get its official vehicle license, are just one example of the great things you can hear from them!



As you enter Disneyland, you have the option of boarding the Omnibus right in front of The Main Street Railroad Station, for a quick trip to the Castle stop.



You feel special with each honk of the Omnibus horn, as the sea of guests parts to grant you passage down the street.  Riding the Main Street Vehicles can give families the feeling that they are the honored guests  in a small town parade.  In fact, it was almost as if the Halloween Time buntings were placed there as a “Welcome Home” salute!



The upper level of the Omnibus is also the best place to view the hundreds of pumpkins that fill the second story windows



and adorn the marquees of each storefront.



No matter which side of the Omnibus you choose to sit on, the views are equally satisfying.



This display on the Carnation Cafe Gazebo is one of my favorites!



Being on the second level gives you a new appreciation for the details that the Disneyland Resort Props Cast Members place in their holiday decorations.   It’s interesting to see the difference in the pumpkin placement from year to year, especially the variety of carved faces and the multitude of arrangements.



These are the things that show how much the Halloween Time designers share their love of the season and their role in making it happen.   There are some years that I think that Main Street simply overflows with pumpkins!


As you move past Main Street and into the Hub, the second level provides you with excellent views of Tomorrowland!



The most amazing view, however, comes from looking straight ahead – a new perspective on Sleeping Beauty Castle that you just don’t get from the ground.


This view, however, does mean that you are now in the Hub and approaching  your final stop.

One secret:   If the line at the stop isn’t very long, you can always get back on and ride back to Town Square.  Otherwise, you can disembark, and go on to enjoy the rest of your day as another one of the Omnibus’s many satisfied guests!
Photos by N. Johnson and R. Tobe.

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