Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 22 Kicks off this Weekend

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There’s No Way Out!  That’s according to this year’s planning committee for the nation’s premiere Halloween event – Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 22.  On 25 select nights this September and October Universal Studios theme park will be transformed into a horrifying maze of frightful activity.  Continue through the page break and let’s preview this year’s haunted houses and other event details.

It’s simply a night of terror.  A visit to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando is enough to turn your socks inside out.  Everywhere you turn there are frightening characters who are out to accomplish one mission; to scare the living daylights out of you.  As you walk through the dense fog at Universal Studios theme park you never know when you might run into a zombie carrying a chain saw or walk face first into one of several scary street experiences strategically placed to make sure you can’t escape.

The main attractions at Halloween Horror Nights year-after-year are the haunted houses placed around the park.  Guests walk through these houses and never know what to expect around each and every corner.  Let’s take a quick look at each house.

AMC’s – The Walking Dead – Dead Inside

Universal has brought The Walking Dead hit television series to life in the form of one of its haunted houses.  Remember, there is strength in numbers.  If you can band together you may find your way out.  Otherwise; you will be left to join the others inside this haunted house as a “walking dead”.

Welcome to Silent Hill

Try and survive as you walk through the eerie town of Silent Hill.  The hit movie and video game series come to life as you try and make your way through the maze of an alternate dimension.  The laws of nature and physics don’t apply.  Expect anything and everything as you’ll visualize scare elements you never thought possible.

Penn & Teller, Newkd Las Vegas 3D 

The comedic pair of Penn & Teller has made their way to Halloween Horror Nights with a radioactive haunted house dedicated to the city of Las Vegas.  Grab your 3D glasses and make your way through this haunted house where Penn & Teller have accidentally newkd Las Vegas.  The result: creepy card dealers, scary cocktail waitresses, and deformed dancers await your every move.

Alice Cooper, Welcome to my Nightmare

Legendary rock star Alice Cooper is bringing his scare tactics to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.  Scream like you’re at his heavy metal rock concert, but don’t expect to be saved as several other screamers will be in the same house as you.  Witness the 4-decade career of Alice Cooper in a mind-bending scare tour through a haunted house full of rock and metal.

Universal’s House of Horrors

Brought to you by the creators of Halloween Horror Nights 22, this haunted house is full of fear and blinding black and white.  No matter where you turn you’ll be hit with colorless fear and lightening slashes.  Who knows what you’ll run into as you make your way to the end of this haunted house where a door may or may not exist.


Stone gargoyles come to life to keep a watchful eye over an architectural sanctuary.  The gargoyles will do whatever is necessary to protect this sacred place at night.  During the day a sanctuary refurbishment takes place sure to garner your attention.  As you make your way through this haunted house keep a watchful eye around every corner.

Dead End

Where will you go?  Think twice before entering this haunted house.  The setting is the old Hartford Mansion in Cary, OH where countless, horrific acts had occurred.  Legend says the house was cursed.  The only way to find out is by entering, but be careful.  Finding a way out may not be possible.

Street Experiences

This year what Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights used to call scare zones are now called street experiences.  The Legions of Horror have made their way up from the ground to scare those who dare to enter their old cemetery.  Vampires, beasts, warriors, and prisoners will be looking for those brave enough to come face-to-face with them.  If you dare to walk the streets you’ll be sure to run into some of them.  Don’t forget to wear your running shoes.  You’ll need them.


Back again this year is the ever popular Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.  Those two excellent dudes are back for an all new show where they laugh and scream at the biggest names of entertainment and pop culture.

Also new this year is a Halloween themed magic show called ’20 Penny Circus’.  Universal Orlando says this show is magic for people with questionable taste.

Be sure to check your Halloween Horror Nights guide map for specific show times and locations.

Halloween Horror Nights opens this Friday, September 21st and runs through Wednesday, October 31st on select nights.  Gates open at 6:30PM and closes at varying times depending on the night of the week.  Admission prices vary greatly depending on the date, night of the week, discounts, and packaged pricing.  Be sure to check out wdwinfo.com’s Halloween Horror Nights page for specific dates and ticket prices.  It should be noted that Halloween Horror Nights may not be suitable for small children.  Parental discretion is strongly advised.

If you really want to get into the full spirit of Halloween a visit to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando should be at the top of your list.  Forget about candy, pumpkins, and friendly witches.  Halloween Horror Nights has one objective – To scare the daylights out of you!  It’s the frightful side of Halloween for sure.

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