Going to See Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando? Become a VIP!

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Blue Man Group, the hit, high-tech comical show that incorporates lights, sound effects, stunning visuals, and technology has brought their show experience to a new level at the Universal Orlando Resort.  A new VIP experience has been added for guests to enjoy.  So, not only can you catch the recently updated show, but now you can enjoy it as a VIP.  Continue through the page break to learn all about this exciting add-on experience.

If you are planning a visit to Universal Orlando and you have an evening to yourselves consider seeing the updated Blue Man Group show.  When you purchase your tickets you’ll have the opportunity to add a VIP experience.  For an additional $20 per ticket you’ll get the VIP treatment.  The VIP experience includes:

–          Access to the Bluephoria VIP lounge located upstairs above the theater.

–          An official Blue Man Group show program (1 per VIP ticket)

–          2 drinks of your choice in the Bluephoria VIP lounge (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

–          An exclusive meet and greet/photo opportunity with one of the Blue Men

Access to the Bluephoria VIP lounge starts 45 minutes before the show begins.  It gives you time to enjoy the neatly colored VIP lounge and your two drinks.  The lounge is equipped with TVs, a bar, sofas, tables & chairs, and a balcony overlooking the front entrance to the theater.  It’s a great place to get you in to the show spirit before it begins.  Children are permitted into the VIP lounge for the same $20 price.  Sodas and juices are available for them to enjoy.

Access to the Bluephoria lounge is controlled with a wristband

After you’ve left the VIP lounge and enjoyed the updated Blue Man Group show you are free to head back up to the Bluephoria lounge for what I consider to be the best part of the VIP experience.  VIP guests are greeted by one of the Blue Men who just finished the show.  This is your opportunity to take photos and get autographs with one of the Blue Men.  He greets guests individually and his autograph is sort of unorthodox.  The Blue Man will place his hand on his head garnering blue paint and then slap his hand on your program.  Some VIP guests chose to have the Blue Man put his painted hand print on their clothing like the shirt, pants, or hat they are wearing.  Just know that although they tell you the paint will come off in the wash it may not come off all fabrics.  The rule here is if you don’t want paint on it permanently then don’t have the Blue Man autograph it at all.  Better safe than sorry.

Once everyone has met the Blue Man you are allowed to sit in the lounge for a while longer.  The Bluephoria VIP experience is worth it, especially if you consider what you get with it.  The 2 drinks and program could be worth the $20 alone.  Access to the lounge and meet & greet after the show are simply icing on the cake.  The VIP experience is limited to the first 40 guests who purchase VIP tickets.  After that it is considered sold out.  Currently, VIP tickets can only be purchased at the Blue Man Group box office located near the entrance to the theater.  You will have to show or buy your Blue Man Group tickets before you can purchase the VIP tickets.


If you are looking for something different to experience during your stay at Universal Orlando the Blue Man Group show should be right up your alley.  But, if you want to plus the show the Bluephoria VIP experience is a great way to kick it up a notch.  Consider giving it a try during your next visit to Universal Orlando.

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