Unique Sweet Spots at Walt Disney World: Scoops, Sprinkles, & Cones at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

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Until the 1960s, it was quite common for Americans and their families to enjoy carbonated beverages and sugary treats at their local soda fountain or ice cream saloon. Milkshakes, malts, egg cream, and various flavors of ice cream brought smiles to faces young and old. Parlors were typically attached to town pharmacies and served as a meeting place for neighbors. Nestled on the corner of Main Street and facing Cinderella’s Castle, guests can travel back in time while visiting The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, our next stop in the search for unique sweet spots at Walt Disney World.


Image: Nostalgia & Ice Cream Mix at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

When designing Main Street, USA, the Disney Imagineers were set with the task of re-creating the feel and look of Walt Disney’s beloved Marceline, Missouri community. The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor was no exception. This quaint eatery has a beautiful brick storefront mixed with cream colored awnings and decorative woodwork. Upon entering, you travel back in time to the friendly street corner shop experienced in the past. The cast members are dressed in bright white and aquamarine garments etched in frilly lace. Similarly, the inside colors are cheerful – peaches, blues, and shades of white.

Of course, the stars of the show here at the Parlor are the delectables you can purchase. Old-fashioned ice cream sundaes, floats, and hand-dipped cones are available and put together with the same style Mom or Grandma would use; smooth ice cream, mounds of whipped cream, and a sparkling cherry on top. Flavors include the standard vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, but other options such as mint chocolate chip, cookies ‘n’ cream, and butter pecan are also available. For those looking for something a bit lighter, the Parlor also offers fat free vanilla and chocolate swirl, sugar free raspberry, tofutti, and rice dream, the latter two being dairy-free.

I know. I know. It sounds as if this is just a plain, old ice cream parlor, right? In a sense this is true; however, the nostalgic feel of a visit to this eatery makes the experience that more special. There’s just something about taking time away from the busyness of the Magic Kingdom, enjoying a simple sundae, and watching the world go by.


Image: Entertainment near the parlor makes for an even more enjoyable and indulgent experience.

You never know what surprises will appear on Main Street. Everything from Dapper Dans to piano players to furry characters from your favorite animated classics could pop up while enjoying a treat. I definitely recommend stopping by The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor during your next trip to the World; you won’t be disappointed!


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