What’s New in the Rumor Mill for Walt Disney World?

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When Pete asked my passion, the first thing I said was Downtown Disney, but stemming from that is a passion for the rumor mill.  Disney always has something in the pipeline and I love to be among the first of the general public to know.  The hard and time consuming part is sifting through the armchair imagineering and blue-sky phase ideas to find things Disney has actually shown intention of doing.  My goal is to do exactly that and bring the juicy stuff straight to you!

Continue after the break to find out what’s coming to Adventureland!

We’re going to start off with a project Disney has green lit, filed permits for, and has already started developing.  Coming soon to the Magic Kingdom is “A Pirate’s Adventure: Jewels of the Seven Seas,” a pirate-themed, Agent P-type game with interactive elements throughout Adventureland!  Construction walls have already started popping up around Aventureland as effects are installed.  We’re told effects will range from a talking tiki idol to circling shark fins in water, all activated by the touch or interaction of a guest.  As a HUGE fan of the Kim Possible/Agent P game at Epcot, I’m interested to see how this one turns out in a much smaller area.  Disney seems to be very focused lately on adding experiences outside of traditional rides to draw crowds.  In my opinion, anything that does so is a welcomed change.  The creation and success of Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, even adding a 2nd Celebrate a Dream Come True parade during peak times has helped give guests a truly immersive experience rather than an experience based largely on waiting in lines.  The big question for me is how will this be implemented?  It’s a very small area compared to World Showcase, so there’s the potential of too many people in one area.  In addition, the experience at Epcot is slightly catered to adults.  Although it’s not official, I have to think that the imagineers knew adults would take the opportunity to have a drink at each country the Kim Possible/Agent P World Showcase Adventure sends them to.  Without that option in the Magic Kingdom, it could be a different experience as it will likely be much more centered around kids.

Next up, Festival of the Lion King is rumored to be moving to Africa in preparation for Avatarland.  This means the most likely plot for Avatarland is the current location of Camp Minnie-Mickey.  It also indicates, of the 2 possible sites, the smaller has been chosen.  Word is Avatarland would be more the size of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter than the massive expansion size many originally hoped for.

So, let’s talk about Avatarland for a minute.  Bob Iger has stated recently that it’s still coming, but there have been no definite plans released either officially or unofficially.  The latest information suggests the budget has been cut down from its original amount and we’re going to be looking at 1 new e-ticket attraction, a few shops, and a restaurant.

What do you think? Are you excited for a new interactive experience in Adventureland?  Will you be disappointed if Avatarland is 1 new attraction, a few shops and a couple redone attractions(at most)?  Sound off below!

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