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“Welcome everybody!  Thanks for joining me as we discuss a favorite topic of mine and probably yours as well- food at the Walt Disney World resort.  Ok..Ok…Let me elaborate because there’s food everywhere you turn in the theme parks.  Let’s talk about quick service food at the various resorts on Disney property.  If you’re like me there are times when you get a craving for a snack or entrée at one of the many quick service locations at the Disney resorts.  It would have to be a big craving because getting from one Disney resort to another can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a car at your disposal.” Continue through the page break and let’s look at some of our favorite delectable Disney World resort foods.

“So I ask you, what treats are worth your time and energy at a Disney resort?  When you are sitting at your home resort what treats make you get up, take Disney transportation, transfer buses and boats, and walk a few miles so you can satisfy your craving?  Let’s go around the room and look at our top 5 quick eats and treats at Disney resorts.  If you have one you wish to share with everyone please, please raise your hand.”

“Wow!  It seems everyone wishes to share their eats and treats.  There are a lot of hands in the air.  I saw a hand way in the back go up first.  Yes, you sir, the guy wearing the Kermit the Frog hat; what’s your favorite quick eat??”

Number 5 –

Tie Dyed cheesecake at Disney’s Pop Century Resort Everything Pop food court – $3.59  “Aww yes, a food that coincides with the theme of the resort.  A nice choice sir.  Who could argue how well tie dye meshes with the decades of the Pop Century Resort.  This cheesecake is not “off the charts” delicious, but enjoying it inside the boundaries of the Pop Century Resort food court makes it taste a little better.  Oh!  And don’t forget, you can save 20% by using your Tables in Wonderland card.  That’s icing on the “cake”.

“We’re off to a great start.  Who has another tasty quick treat they like to enjoy at a Disney resort?  Okay!  Right here in the front row.  The exuberant girl waving her arm in the air wearing the purple Minnie Mouse T-shirt.  What’s your favorite?”

Number 4 –

Mickey Waffles at the Gasparilla Grill Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa –$5.69  Hmmm….A breakfast food?  A very popular choice, indeed.  But, why at Gasparilla Grill?  Oh!  Now I get it!  Mickey Waffles at Disney’s flagship resort and if you choose to sit outside this quick service eatery you’ll have a great view of Cinderella Castle just beyond the Seven Seas Lagoon.  Combining Mickey Mouse waffles with a view of Cinderella Castle can be the start to a magical day for sure.  Very good choice.  You certainly have your thinking cap on today young lady.”

“Let’s move on.  We still have a few more choices to discuss and all of this food talk is making me hungry.  Let’s see those hands again.  How about right here.  The nice lady with her hand half up in the air near the center isle holding the light up necklace.  Don’t be shy, miss.  Tell us your favorite quick eat.”

Number 3 –   

Pineapple Dole Whip Soft Serve Ice Cream at Captain Cooks Disney’s Polynesian Resort – $2.89  “Ooooh!  A great choice, especially since the heat index outside is 103 degrees.  If you enjoy it outside you’ll have to hurry-up and eat it quick or else it will melt within minutes.  What’s that, miss?  It comes from a self-service machine and you go back up for second and third servings?  Is that allowed?  *Shrugs shoulders*  I won’t say anything if you don’t.  A very refreshing choice and since its pineapple flavored you’ll feel right at home at the Polynesian resort.  Excellent!”

“We’re down to the last two.  Hurry up!  We don’t have all day.  This is Walt Disney World and there’s a lot to do outside this room.  Still a lot of hands in the air.  How about the young man who is standing up.  All the way to the right side of the room wearing the Disney’s Animal Kingdom conservation pin on his shirt and the safari hat.  Give us your favorite Disney resort quick eat or treat.”

Number 2 –          

The Chicken Flatbread at The Mara Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House – $8.79  “Now you’ve sparked my curiosity young man.  Why should we give this entrée our number 2 ranking?  What’s that?  It’s a unique, but tasty dish you say?  Very true, and considering how difficult it is to find unique and tasty entrees at the many Disney resort quick service locations you maybe on to something.  It’s been a while since I’ve tried this entrée, but I do remember enjoying it.  Hmmm…A trip to The Mara maybe in order after our session today.  Another solid choice!”

“This is it!  Who wants to take a crack at our number 1 quick eat at a Disney resort hotel?  I don’t see as many hands as before.  C’mon, don’t be bashful.  I’m sure your favorite can rank right up there with the other 4 we’ve discussed.  Hmmm….How about right here near the front again.  This young lady wearing flip flops and holding a beach umbrella and a beach towel.  Oh, wow!  That sunburn looks a little painful.  Here’s some H2O sunburn cream.  Give us your favorite quick eat at a Disney resort.”

Number 1 –

The No Way Jose Sundae at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop Disney’s Beach Club Resort – $7.99  “Wait a second, Beaches and Cream is a table service location.  Should this really qualify as a quick eat?  What’s that, you eat your No Way Jose at the bar where you can be seated immediately?  I’ll have to ask our distinguished panel of judges if this ice cream treat qualifies based on our criteria and your description.  Judges?!  *Green light goes on and thumbs go up*.  Okay then, it is acceptable and because it is so delicious and refreshing it should be our number 1 pick.  A peanut butter and chocolate sundae delight with several scoops of ice cream, whipped cream,  peanut butter & chocolate sauce and chips piled high.  It may be a good idea to share it since it’s nearly 1200 calories.  Your 20% Tables in Wonderland discount will apply.  Don’t forget to pull it out and use it.”

Disney Resort Quick Eats Honorable Mention

Breakfast Flatbread at The Artist’s Palette Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa – $6.49

Margarita Pizza at The Pepper Market Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort – $9.99 8 inch and $15.25 14 inch

African Stew at The Mara Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House – $7.99

Honey Lime Chicken Sandwich at The Contempo Café Disney’s Contemporary Resort – $8.89

The Burger Your Way Picabu Buffeteria (Open 24-hours) Dolphin Resort – $11.50

“I know a lot of you still have some quick eats you want to mention.  Please write them on a piece of paper and drop them in the box labeled “Quick Eats Honorable Mention” as you exit the room, or simply add them to the comments section below, or on the official DIS Facebook page”.

The next time you are sitting at your home resort at Walt Disney World and you are hit by a food craving from another resort across property don’t hesitate to get up, map out your journey, and visit a resort where you’ll find one of your favorite foods.  After all, the entire Walt Disney World resort is open for you to enjoy.  This includes the other resort hotels.  In most cases the food at the resorts taste better than the food inside the theme parks.  You’ll be surprised what you’ll discover when you visit the several resort quick eateries across property.

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