Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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It’s that time of the year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney WorldStar Wars Weekends takes place over 4 weekends. If you are a fan of the movies you will love this event at the park.

There are video highlights of the 2012 Star Wars Weekends here.

I have gone to this event for many years but this year I came home a little cranky.  The crowds were much larger and many seemed to have left their patience and manners at home. I realize that people are excited when they get to the theme park but using your manners goes a long way when it is crowded.

If you park and ride the tram to the front of the park be sure to listen to the cast members giving instructions.  I saw a number of people not paying attention and were almost hit by cars driving by. Parents hold on to your children.   When it is crowded they hold everyone back by the cars and not by the poles where the tram stops.  Folks, it isn’t the last tram ever!  Look both ways before crossing the street, don’t figure the cast member is talking to everyone but you. Everyone is excited to be at the theme park and a little courtesy from everyone goes a long way to get you to the front of the park quicker. Be prepared for more cars trying to park and it may take a little longer.  This is one of those times I would recommend taking the bus from your Disney resort to avoid the parking lot.

Be prepared when you are in the line for the turnstiles.  Make sure you have your tickets to get in.  I saw several people creating a fuss when they couldn’t find their tickets.  They held everyone else up in line.  Once you are in the park don’t just stop in the middle of the street to apply sunscreen or look at your park map.  Move over to the side to take care of your needs.

It seems this year there are more storm troopers walking around creating photo opportunities.

Don’t forget to pick up a Times Guide along with your park map.  You don’t want to miss any of the special events going on through the day.  If you want to see the characters all together be sure to watch the parade.  My favorite event is the Hyperspace Hoopla at the end of the evening. To me this is the genius of Disney when you see the characters dancing.  No one can poke fun at themselves better than Disney.

Be prepared to be there very early if you would like an autograph from one of the many celebrities appearing during the event.  You will need a fast pass for this event and they go very quickly.

Also be prepared to wait in lines to get your picture taken with the characters.  The special park maps will have the locations indicated where they will be.  Be aware that they will switch characters.  You may be waiting in line for one and by the time you get to the front of the line it is a different character.

You may also be lucky enough to get a picture while the character is strolling to their meet and greet location.


I would suggest drinking lots of water while you are in the park.  It’s that time of year that it is very hot here in Orlando.  Most of the spots where you wait for the characters are in the sun.

Don’t forget to do a little shopping while you are enjoying the park and the activities. Every home needs one of these costumes.

Before you get too excited, the Darth Vader costume is $1300.00 and Chewbacca is $650.00.  There is plenty of merchandise in the special tent that will appeal to Star Wars fans.  I will be back to pick up a few items.

Before you leave the park be sure to stop by One Man’s Dream.  It has a model of the Fantasyland expansion coming to Magic Kingdom.

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