What Is Your Favorite Walt Disney World Attraction?

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There was a moment the other night when I was sitting in my favorite chair at home and thinking of my favorite attraction at Walt Disney World.  But, this time I wasn’t just thinking about it in a standard way.  This time I was trying to recall why it was my favorite attraction.  What seems to draw me to this attraction when our family visits Walt Disney World?  Why does it just pop into my head when I’m dreaming of Disney World?  Continue through the page break and let’s take a quick look at why an attraction can become your favorite.

As you can see from the picture above my favorite attraction at Disney World is Spaceship Earth– the big geosphere that’s the icon of EPCOT (yes, there’s a ride in there).  There are a couple of reasons why it’s my favorite.  For one, it was the first attraction I ever experienced at Walt Disney World.  That’s my emotional attachment to the ride.  Secondly, I work in the communication technology industry.  Spaceship Earth is centered around the evolution of human communication through the years.  A perfect fit for my everyday life’s work.

My point isn’t to tell you about my favorite attraction, but to simply point out each of us has our own favorite attraction for different reasons.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the more popular reasons why an attraction is your favorite.


One of the best things Disney’s theme parks do to us is play with our emotions through our 5 senses.  Attractions are set up to evoke emotion through sight, sound, and even smell.  Your favorite attraction may have to do with a dramatic musical score, a favorite animatronic, or even a specific smell.

Another consideration is the people who join you on an attraction.  If you ride with your children and they love an attraction that may carry-over to you making it your favorite attraction.  Emotion for an attraction from one person can certainly transfer over to you.

What about emotion through memories causing you to love an attraction?  You may have a favorite attraction because of a memory you shared with family or friends.  That memory or emotion maybe heightened if they aren’t with you when you experience the attraction.


For some theme park guests a specific thrill they experience on an attraction may make it their favorite.  Take Test Track for example.  A lot of guests have told me it is their favorite attraction because of the outdoor high speed loop at the end.  It’s the fastest attraction at Walt Disney World and some guests make it their favorite because of the 65MPH speeds.

Also extremely popular with guests is Test Track’s across the park neighbor, Soarin’.  The thrill of hang gliding over the California landscape can influence guests to make Soarin’ their favorite WDW attraction.

If a ride gives you the ultimate thrill that may be enough to make it your favorite theme park attraction.  The thrill factor for an attraction may have a lot to do with demographics.  Younger guests may lean towards a thrilling attraction as their favorite where an elderly guest may lean towards the more emotional attraction.  It really depends on the guest’s personality and what they find more entertaining that will ultimately drive them to pick a favorite attraction.


So, you think theme park attractions have to be all about thrills and excitement?  Well, for some it can be all about the entertainment value.  There are guests who believe the entertainment factor of an attraction is most important.  Does an attraction have to be a ride?  Absolutely not.  I know guests whose favorite attraction is Festival of the Lion King at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Illuminations:  Reflections of Earth EPCOT’s night time spectacular.  These are quality shows and for some theme park goers their favorite attraction at Walt Disney World.

Let’s even take it a step further.  An attraction doesn’t have to be great to be your favorite.  Your favorite attraction may be considered a C or D ticket attraction, but could still qualify as your favorite.  If you find it very entertaining and something you enjoy or connect with then a lower-rated attraction could certainly be your favorite.


There are a number of reasons why a Walt Disney World attraction may be your favorite.  It could be a reason we haven’t even discussed.  It could also be a combination of several factors that turn you on to an attraction.

What is your favorite attraction at Walt Disney World?  Have you ever thought and come to a conclusion why it’s your favorite attraction?  I’m going to guess there are quite a number of different reasons why an attraction is your favorite.  Please let us know.  We’d be very interested to hear your response in the comments section below or on the DIS’s official Facebook page.

If you’ve never thought about your favorite attraction at Disney World please give it some thought.  What’s that one attraction that first pops into your head when you think of Walt Disney World?  That may be your favorite.  No matter your favorite attraction there’s plenty to choose from.  So many, in fact, you may have to declare your favorite a tie between multiple attractions.  Sometimes picking just one is tough!

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