Vision House in INNOVENTIONS opens at Epcot

| April 22, 2012 | 6 Replies

Today I was the first person through the doors at this exciting new exhibit in Epcot. If you are looking for new ways to make your home “green” this exhibit will inspire you with lots of great ideas.

This exhibit opened on Earth Day April 22, 2012 in Epcot at Walt Disney World. “The purpose of the VISION House in INNOVENTIONS is to present green living ideals in a fun and informative manner.” The house is a part of Green Builder Media‘s VISION House Series.

You are escorted through the house by a cast member.  They will point out all the major themes of green building, whole home automation, energy generation and efficiency, water conservation, indoor environment quality and high performance materials and durability. Many of us on the tour were remarking that we would love to have some of these features in our homes.  I know it inspired me to look at new products for my home.  You can learn more about the Vision House online.

If you have the time be sure to visit this exhibit in Innoventions the next time you are in Epcot.

You are told on the tour that you are visiting this family’s home.  The family’s pictures on the wall.

Look at this beautiful toilet by Kohler.  You have the option to have music playing while you use the toilet.

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