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In Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom there is a land celebrating our country’s rich history.  Over at Liberty Square you’ll find special background stories and pieces Disney Imagineers placed inside this land to immerse guests into our independence.  One of these specific Imagineering touches is often missed by guests because they simply don’t take the time to look up and appreciate the entire story.  I have to admit this specific piece might be difficult to understand even if you did see it.  But, like everything else at Disney World most props and pieces have a back story to them.  To learn about this piece of Imagineering and the story behind it continue through the page break.

If you find yourself walking through Liberty Square make it a point to walk along the west side of the Hall of Presidents attraction.  If you look up at one of the windows on the second floor you will probably see two lamps that are illuminated.  These lamps were placed in the window by Disney Imagineers to represent Paul Revere’s midnight ride during the Revolutionary War times.  During that time these lamps were hanging from the steeple of the Old North Church in Boston.  The story goes if the British were approaching Boston by land, one lamp would be hung and illuminated.  If the British were coming by sea, two lamps would be hung and illuminated.  This let Paul Revere know what to tell Boston residents when and how the British were approaching.  Disney Imagineers added this story because it represents a significant milestone in our country’s history and independence.

These two lamps were strategically placed by Imagineers to face the “Rivers of America”.  That’s the waterway where the Liberty Square Riverboat sits.  As the story goes that waterway is supposed to represent Boston Harbor where the lamps originally faced many years ago.

I typically look for these lamps when I walk through Liberty Square simply to see their status.  I’ve seen one or both lamps lit.  I’ve also seen both lamps turned off.  I assume they are on some sort of rotation based on the time of day.  Either way I find it intriguing that Imagineers placed this prop and story in Liberty Square.  It’s really a perfect fit for a land that celebrates our country’s rich history and independence.

If you find yourself in Liberty square make it a point to go find these lamps.  It may seem crazy walking around and looking up to find two lamps, but now you’ll go with the knowledge of why they are there.  Make sure to share this story with your family and friends when you find the lamps.  You’ll sound like a Disney expert.  That is, of course, if they believe you.

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