Habit Heroes opens in Epcot at Walt Disney World

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Habit Heroes is a new exhibit located in Innoventions East at Epcot.  I love the different exhibits in this building and was eagerly awaiting this new one.  This exhibit is supposed to help teach everyone how to live a healthy lifestyle and be more active. You can also visit their website and play some online games.

The premise is clever with Will Power’s abandoned fitness facility.You watch a short video with Will Power and Callie Stenics.  ( You may recognize the heroes of this video if you have been to the American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.) You are part of a journey to defeat bad habits Control Freak, Sweet Tooth, The Snacker, and Lead Bottom.  The ultimate goal is to become a Habit Hero! You receive a colored bracelet to wear while you are in the exhibit.

The next room that you enter is the Battle for the Remote.  They have these stations with 4 colored buttons that match the bracelet color.  You have to run around the room and hit the button that matches your bracelet when you see the TV falling in your color.

You are supposed to hit the items that are not good for you.  You are supposed to use your willpower to resist Sweet Tooth and The Snacker!  You fire at the screen using a little cannon that looks like the ones at Toy Story Midway Mania but they have added a button on top if you don’t want to keep pulling the string.

The last and final room is the Habit Heroes room.  You get to do exercises with Will Power and Callie Stenics.  This is designed to help you defeat Lead Bottom.

Everyone stands on their own logo and has plenty of room to jump around.  You are asked to put any items you may have at the front of the room so you don’t trip over them.

The more exercises you do here helps to defeat Lead Bottom.There are photo kiosks outside the exhibit and you can get your picture taken to see how you placed in the World of Habit Heroes.

Ok, now for my opinion.  I am all about being healthy and exercising.  I think this exhibit needs some work.  There wasn’t a lot of explanation about what we should be doing.  We went over twice to experience this exhibit and both times the photo kiosks weren’t working.  You don’t have any idea of your score or if you are supposed to have one. Maybe that becomes clear if the kiosks are working.  I think it could be a lot better if they worked on a few things. If they made it like a team competition that would help also.

If you go and try this exhibit please let me know what you think.

The testing sign was not up when we went back to play the game but the kiosks were not working.

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