Magic Kingdom January 2012 Construction Update

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I promised I would update everyone with the construction and rehabs at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. There isn’t an area of Magic Kingdom where they aren’t working.  Don’t let that scare you though.  It’s still a great time to visit Walt Disney World.  You just need to manage your family’s expectations.  There is still plenty to see and do!

A friend and I decided to see how much the construction and rehabs influenced how we toured the park.  You can still get that great shot down Main Street USA if you stand in the right spot. If you take a little time to explore the printed scrims you come away with a new appreciation for how Disney covers up the buildings when they are working.  The first scrim we noticed was at the Chapeau. From a distance the trash can and table and chairs looks real.

As you are walking up Main Street USA there is a large scrim extending over the sidewalk that hide the bakery. As I walked through the “tunnel” I felt like I was on the streets of New York.  I just keep reminding myself that this is all temporary and the park is going to look beautiful when they are done.

In Adventureland we thought we had found a part of the park where they weren’t working, but then we found this.

We went to Frontierland and there was a rehab going on here. There is still plenty to see and do.  Big Thunder Mountain will be down for quite awhile but this is an opportunity to try other attractions in the parks.

As we walked through the parks we decided to try attractions we hadn’t done in the past.  I can’t tell you how many times I have walked past Swiss Family Treehouse and never walked in.  I realize that this doesn’t have the same thrill factor compared to other attractions but I found I really enjoyed walking around the Treehouse.

Dumbo will be closed for several months but you could always ride the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. If you prepare your children ahead of time you can still enjoy the park.

Now I am a big fans of the scrims they use but the camouflage on this wall just doesn’t work. What do you think?

That is Dumbo behind the wall.

As we were watching the new castle being built, we saw a cast member begin work on it.  We were blown away by the scale of the building once we could see the worker beside it. It is amazing how Disney can fool the eye.

Fantasyland is taking shape behind the walls.  Before you know it we will all be enjoying this area.  Disney hasn’t announced any dates for the opening of the different attractions.

Not quite sure what they are doing with this bridge but in typical Disney fashion it is all blocked from view.

Yes, there is plenty of work being done at Magic Kingdom but I still think you can have a magical vacation!  If you take the time to prepare before you arrive you can still ride lots of attractions.  Maybe this year you take the time to ride those attractions you haven’t in the past. I hope you can see past the construction and have a wonderful vacation.


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