Knott’s Merry Farm Christmas Crafts Fair

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Near the Disneyland Resort is the first American theme park ~ Knott’s Berry Farm, and during the holiday season Knott’s is transformed into Knott’s Merry Farm.

It has been a long-standing tradition for Knott’s to host a Christmas Crafts Fair in its Ghost Town.  Through the years, the crafts fair has changed, and each year brings a slightly different experience.

This year, my daughter, Kelly, and I decided to visit the Knott’s Christmas Crafts Fair, and so I searched the internet for information about it.  I was really disappointed that for 2011, Knott’s does not have information about the Crafts Fair on its website.  By searching various websites, I was able to put some information together, but not enough.

I ended up calling the Knott’s information center so I could get the low down on this year’s Christmas Crafts Fair, and this is what I found out:

  • Mon – Thu: The Christmas Crafts Fair is free
    • Hours are 10:00am – 6:00pm
    • The fair is restricted to the Ghost Town portion of the park (see map below)
    • Guests at the craft fair can see the show at the Birdcage Theater, which is in the Ghost Town area. The current show is “Gift of the Magi”
    • Guests can purchase a ride on the Ghostrider roller coaster for $5 at “Ghost Town Gifts”
  • Fri – Sun: Guests must pay the full admission to the park in order to go to the Christmas Crafts Fair
    • Note that during December 3-18, Knott’ has a Toys for Tots special: Bring a $20 toy (with receipt) and enter the park, or donate $20 online at the Knott’s Toys for Tots site to get an e-ticket to the park.
    • Sat-Sun:  Snoopy on Ice Show is performing
    • Sat-Sun: Backyard Barbecue Special ~ $43.99/$32.99(c) will get you entrance to the park and an all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet with Mrs. Knott’s chicken, mashed potatoes, drink, dessert, salad, vegetable lasagna
  • The Christmas Crafts Fair runs from Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve

The Christmas Crafts Fair is in the area outlined in red below.


Kelly and I decided to visit the fair on a Sunday, and I was able to take advantage of the Toys for Tots online donation.  Knott’s has been doing this for years now, and I think it is very commendable that they donate such a large amount to this cause each year.


When we entered the park, there were no maps handed out for the crafts fair, so I went into Guest Services to get one.  Some of the vendors also had them in their booths.  I wanted to see what information was handed out.  It really gave just basic information.


Kelly and I started meandering through the Ghost Town.  It wasn’t too crowded early on, but then more and more people came in later.


There were a few booths that personalized gifts with names.


There were other booths with hand-made items.


We did get some of the candles below.  They were so cute and smelled so good. One of the nice things about getting things at these booths is that the owners can change items.  Here there were some plain glass jars that she could decorate right there on the spot for us.


These bookmarks have a ribbon that lies in the book, and then beads and charms hang outside the book.  The owner had them organized by themes.  I really liked these.


The Birdcage Theater was showing the “Gift of the Magi,” and so we went to see it.  I love the old-west feeling of this entertainment.  We were then treated to Dickens carolers afterwards.

We got a nice set here – necklace, bracelet, and earrings in Christmas colors.  He changed the clasp on the necklace, and also could modify the different glass beads to make a set right there on the spot.


Santa was in the barn and taking pictures with the young’uns.


There were also booths with Americana crafts.  I was impressed by these pencil sketches, some in black and white, and others in color.  I visited that booth a few times. There was a lot of detail in them, and each time I looked I saw something new.


After walking through the fair, Kelly & I headed to some of the shops outside the park entrance.  As usual, Virginia’s had a lot of neat things, including some nice Disney figurines that I had not seen at Disneyland.  Kelly got a kick out of the first one below:


We also liked the ones that compared the old and the new.  There was a very nice Jim Shore collection.


We also went to the Berry Market and the Emporium.


All in all, it was an enjoyable day.  Personally, I think that the Christmas Crafts Fair is smaller and has less to offer than it did in the past, however, I still enjoy going to it.  They have things that are unique, and I always enjoy getting some gifts that are made locally, whether they be for a friend, family member, or me.

Also, the Berry Marketplace is fun to visit, and has some neat things to get.  Since boysenberries were first commercially sold by the Knotts, I would recommend getting some jam from here to give as gifts.  The Berry Market has some nice ways to present this gift.

If you are visiting the Disneyland Resort this holiday season, and have time, be sure to visit Knott’s Merry Farm, shop in the Marketplace, take advantage of the Christmas Crafts Fair, and be sure to eat at the famous Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Restaurant for some yummy chicken and boysenberry pie for dessert.

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