Walt Disney World Tests New Technology at the Turnstiles

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Walt Disney World is testing new technology for admission to their theme parks.  Currently the test is taking place at Epcot.  The new system requires no turnstiles.

During this test you will need to have a sticker containing a RFID ( radio frequency identification) chip  put on your ticket to use the new system.  The use of these electronic chips will allow Disney guests a faster way into the theme parks. They are also testing these chips in the refillable mugs and drink cups at All Star Sports.  Disney would have the ability to limit how long you are able to reuse the mugs in that test.

The sticker is the Mickey head on the right in this photo.

During the test at Epcot you would need to take your ticket to the tables they have set up along side the ticket booths on the left side as you face Spaceship Earth.  They will put the sticker on your ticket or annual pass and then test it to make sure it is working.

The test area is to the far left of the turnstiles.  You walk up and the cast members are eager to help you with your ticket.  You tap your ticket on the Mickey head area and insert your index finger into the scanner on the right.  If everything is OK the light on the Mickey head will turn green.  The first time I did it there was a problem but quickly moved to another one and had no problems.  I would suggest if you don’t carry your identification with you that you should start doing this.  The cast member may ask to see photo identification if there is a problem with your ticket.

I was through very quickly and thought it was a great idea.   I am sure it cuts down on lost tickets. Just remember to always use the same finger each time and you will speed through the turnstile area. If you have tried this at Epcot, what did you think?

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