[Everyone] Email server migration Friday night {01}

| February 17, 2011 | Reply

We will be =
migrating the email server on Friday Night. It will go down sometime =
after 11pm and will remain down for several hours


you MUST make sure your account name in your email software is set to =
your FULL email address. For example a lot of email clients will default =
to the first part of the email address

For wdwlover@wdwinfo.com  it =
will automatically put in wdwlover. This will NOT work you must enter =
the full email address

This includes =
iphones, ipads, blackberries etc


I’m =
sure many of you are wondering what happens to emails that people send =
us.  Any normal email server will continue to retry the email for a =
decently long period if the server is trying to send an email too is =
down. Some email servers are not configured properly but overall it =
should not be a problem.





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