The Magic, The Memories, and You! show at Magic Kingdom

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Recently the new show The Magic, The Memories, and You! debuted at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. This is part of the latest campaign for Walt Disney World – Let the Memories Begin. I couldn’t wait to see the show since seeing sneak peeks on the internet.

This show takes place nightly. It typically takes place about 20 minutes before the fireworks show Wishes. You will want to get a spot early as the area in front of Cinderella Castle gets crowded.  I can say I have been to the Magic Kingdom hundreds of times and have never seen a crowd like this. The night I was there the crowd was rude and nasty.  Everyone was sitting on the ground waiting for the start of the show, when a few people in the front stood up.  The crowd started yelling and screaming and eventually everyone stood up. Whatever happened to common courtesy?  Did everyone leave their manners at home? I don’t know that the next time I go to watch the show I will sit in the hub area to watch it.

The images for the show all come from fans of Disney.  There are some videos that are used along with photos taken that day by the PhotoPass photographers.  You can opt out of allowing their use for the show if you so choose. If you would like to submit your videos, pictures, or stories as part of this campaign you can visit the Let the Memories Begin website. Who knows; you may see your photo or video projected on the castle!

Shortly before the show starts, they push a screen in front of the castle where they project the videos.

If you are like I am, you will get a little misty eyed watching the show.  You know you are standing in Magic Kingdom in front of the castle but some of the effects they use are truly breathtaking.  Then you might have one of those “How did they do that?” moments. You can watch the video of the show here.

If you make it to the end of the show without having misty eyes, the last couple of projections will tug at your heart strings if you are a Disney lover.

Just be prepared that several minutes after this show ends, Wishes starts.  If you are trying to leave before the fireworks, it is like swimming upstream, so you may want to stand in a different area if you would like to make a quick exit from the park.  You can see the show and fireworks times in the Times Guide as you enter the park.  This show is something the entire family will enjoy.  I know we will be back.

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