Happy Thanksgiving! The Ultimate Disney Parks and Resorts Feast!

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As the holiday season approaches, my mind is drawn to food and feasts.  I started thinking what would be the most decadent dish or meal on Disney property?  As I thought about it more I considered this, what if you were to have the ultimate pigout day on your Disney vacation, eating meal after meal of some of the most decadent dishes?  Where could you go, and what could you eat?  Here’s what I came up with; continue after the break to tuck in for the Ultimate Disney Feast!

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, you need to fuel up, and carbo-load for your day at the theme parks.  Head to Disney’s Polynesian Resort, go upstairs to the Kona Cafe where you will find… cue Angel Choir singing… Tonga Toast.

Tonga Toast has reached legendary status in the Disney Fan Community.  Two thick slices of sourdough bread, stuffed with bananas (see it has fruit, it has to be good), rolled in cinnamon sugar, and deep fried.  The frying must carmelize the sugars and break them down, because when you take a bite, it simply liquifies in your mouth.  The dish is served with a hearty portion of breakfast meats (your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage), because you need to cut the sweet with some protein.  Delicious.

On to lunch…

Lunch was a little more difficult.  Vacationers are usually touring the theme parks during lunchtime.  Thus, the resort restaurants often shut down knowing there won’t be as many customers.  You could certainly find a buffet to stuff yourself, but that seemed like cheating – even though Norway’s Restaurant Akershus in Epcot’s World Showcase proclaims to serve a lunch called the “Royal Feast”.  Come on!  It has FEAST in the name!  Then, it hit me.  Travel across the country to California, home of Walt Disney’s original theme park, Disneyland.  Head to New Orleans Square and inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction you’ll find the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Blue Bayou is known for the Monte Cristo sandwich.  Why have a plain ole’ turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich when you can gobble down the chicken-fried turkey, ham, and cheese concoction that is the Monte Cristo?  It’s served with a fruit compote – so, again, you have a fruit course built in.  Unlike the Tonga Toast, this fried sandwich seals in the steamy, melty deliciousness of the turkey, ham, and cheese.  When done right, you bite through the crispy coating releasing the salty meats and cheeses to flow over your tongue.  Mmm, mmm, mmm…

After lunch, stumble around the theme park in your food coma for a couple of hours until it’s time for a snack.  Yes, a snack… you have to have one.  Heck, the Disney Dining Plan includes a snack in the price – so a snack it is!  Attempt a zombie-like stumble to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  You may think I’m heading to Adventureland to pick up a Dole Whip from  Aloha Isle.  Please!  You make me laugh… ha, ha, ha…  That’s health food compared to what we’ve been talking about.

No, I’m going to the snack stand in Liberty Square called Sleepy Hollow that specializes in funnel cakes.  It’s not the only place you can get a funnel cake in a Disney Park, but they are quite delicious topped either powdered sugar or strawberries and whipped cream – plus, you can’t beat the view.

However, in addition to funnel cakes, there’s another option at Sleepy Hollow too.  If after the Tonga Toast and Monte Cristo, you’d like a break from bready fried food, Sleepy Hollow serves an ice cream cookie sandwich made with homemade chocolate chip cookies.  OMG!  My family had this for the first time this past October.  The cookies were almost as good as my wife makes, and (I kid you not) chocolate chip cookies are her baking specialty.  However, this cookie with mint chocolate chip ice cream (you can also have vanilla) was absolutely to die for – excuse me for a minute while I wipe the drool from my chin.  Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the treat as we devoured it too quickly.

As our day in the parks draws to a close, it’s time for dinner.  As we’ve gorged ourselves throughout the day on fried dishes, I decided to go more upscale for an elegant dinner.  The Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel is home to Shula’s Steak House, and they serve a dish that will fill the bill nicely for our ultimate feast.

Behold… the 48 oz Porterhouse steak.  48 ounces… 3 pounds of soft, buttery beef… oh my, get in my belly!  If the 48 oz Porterhouse is good enough for one of Adam Richman’s (host of Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food”) food challenges, I think it will suffice quite nicely as the dinner course for our ultimate Disney feast.

As our day draws to a close, there is only one thing left to complete our gluttony, and that’s dessert.  You only need to walk a short distance from the Dolphin (if you can actually walk after eating all day) to find our final destination.  Beside the Stormalong Bay pool of Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club is Beaches and Cream, an “old fashion” ice cream soda fountain with one of the most decadent dishes in all of Walt Disney World, the Kitchen Sink.  The kitchen sink contains scoop upon scoop of ice cream, brownies, cookies, cake, candy, hot fudge, peanut butter, marshmallow, bananas and cherries (see we’ve gotten plenty of fruit today), and any other topping the soda jerk can lay their hands on.  An entire can of whipped cream is emptied on top to complete the dish, and it’s served in an actual sink.

If you completed this massive food challenge, you have probably consumed enough calories for an entire month.  However, you certainly would have bragging rights on the most decadent of all Disney Feasts.  So what do you think?  Are there dishes you can think of instead of mine?  Is there something more decadent I’m forgetting?  Log in with your DISboards username and password to add your dining suggestions in the comments below.

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