Culinary Quest: Mmmm…Cupcakes!

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Mmmm…Cupcakes.  Never have two words ever been so true.  At the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, a new (kind of new) gourmet cupcake shop has opened to the delight of this blogger, his family, and all lovers of sugary goodness throughout the world.

Let me explain. Way back in late 2009, I wrote a blog about the new Cupcake Store kiosk in Downtown Disney.  The day before the blog was to be posted, the Cupcake Store was no more because it was waiting to reopen in a permanent kiosk soon. So I waited, and waited, and waited. Just when I had given up hope for my beloved cupcakes, the Cupcake Store kiosk rose out of the ashes like a Phoenix. I was assured that there will definitely be a permanent kiosk across from the Lego store in the near future. (Wait. A permanent kiosk is neither permanent nor a kiosk…discuss.) The new and improved Cupcake Store has new and improved flavors too. Some of these include lemon drop, strawberry, and cookies and cream. They also have a cupcake of the day.

The Cupcake Store is a kiosk that simply offers great cupcakes at a good price.  As faithful servants of the Disney community, my family and I decided to do that which was necessary in order to complete a thorough review of the cupcakes. We tasted as many as humanly possible. Before you continue reading, I must warn you.  There are huge pictures of cupcakes ahead. These cupcakes deserve to be shown in all their glory.  Ready?

They offer a vanilla cupcake with vanilla bean frosting, chocolate cake with chocolate or vanilla buttercream, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting topped with coconut, the celebration cupcake (vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles), and the one and only red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  They were all excellent.  All of the cupcakes were full flavored. These weren’t just vessels for sugary frostings.  The cakes were good enough to stand on their own, but the frosting sent them to infinity and beyond.  Although we enjoyed them all, one of our favorites was the vanilla cupcake with vanilla bean frosting topped with crunchy sugar crystals.  Another favorite was the red velvet, which had just enough cocoa and more than enough delicious cream cheese frosting.

On our visit, we were able to speak with one of the owners, Carole Streeter.  She was friendly and explained how their cupcakes are always made from scratch using fine ingredients and exclusive recipes.  The cupcakes are baked at their main store about thirty minutes south and delivered fresh throughout the day.  Currently, they are located in the white gazebo-shaped building in between the AMC theatre and ESPN Zone.  They will soon be moving to one of the new kiosks under construction at Downtown Disney.

Sure the cupcakes taste great, but what about the value?  I must say, these cupcakes are definitely worth their price.  At only $4.95 each, one cupcake will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth and fill you up.  When compared to other desserts such as La Brea Bakery’s $6.75 cheesecake and Celebration BBQ’s $5.99 cupcakes, there is no contest.  These taste great, are well-portioned, and priced right.  If that doesn’t convince you to partake in these sweet goodies, maybe this last testimonial will.

Every year my wife gives up all sweets for Lent (visit wikipedia if you don’t know what that is).  As is tradition in our family, Fat Tuesday is the one last chance for us to indulge.  She has declared that her last sweet before Lent will most definitely be a cupcake from the Cupcake Store in Downtown Disney.

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