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Have you ever wished to see behind the scenes at SeaWorld Orlando in Florida? Last month I was able to do just that – I went backstage and experienced several different areas of the park. SeaWorld offers six different tours and 3 animal connection programs. I am sure you could find one the entire family would enjoy. I know I will be back with friends and family to do one of the tours.

First, let me give you a little bit of advice.  Be prepared for the heat in Orlando.  I didn’t properly hydrate myself before I spent the afternoon in the park.  I had a problem with the heat and nearly passed out. I should have known better, but I didn’t take my own advice.  Drink plenty of water!!!

We went backstage to see the area where they are rehabiliting the sea turtles from the Gulf Oil spill. SeaWorld is one of the leading organizations helping to rescue the animals from this terrible disaster.  We were able to ask questions of the people responsible for caring for them.

SeaWorld also was tending to some manatees that had suffered from the cold temperatures earlier this year. Once they are well they are released back into the wild.  If they are not able to release the manatees for some reason, they are sent to other parks and centers across the USA.

We then went onstage where we got to feed the Sea Lions.  That was fun!  They sure do make a lot of noise hoping that you will throw them a fish.

We made a stop at the Penguin house backstage.  These were the “ambassador” penguins.  They travel the country with their trainers educating us on their habitat and how SeaWorld cares for them.  We all got the opportunity to pet Mario.  The penguins are named when they are born but they don’t yet know if they are male or female.  Mario turned out to be a girl.  All the penguins are tagged so SeaWorld can keep detailed records to share with other organizations.

We had all worked up an appetite by this time, so we headed to Sharks Underwater Grill. It was so relaxing to sit there and watch the fish swim by and the food was pretty good too!

After our meal we were free to explore the park.  We took in several shows and had a great time.

I highly recommend taking one of these tours.  It really gives you a new appreciation for all the work that SeaWorld does to protect these beautiful animals. It is a great way to experience nature up close and personal.  We will be going back and I can’t wait to take my granddaughters.

Disclosure: As of December 2009, the Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure of any payments or considerations. My daughter and I were treated to dinner and these backstage previews.

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