The Great Piggy Bank Adventure at Epcot

| May 24, 2009 | 3 Replies

Epcot recently opened The Great Piggy Bank Adventure in Innoventions.  We went over to check it out.  I wasn’t sure how exciting a game about money was going to be.   I was very surprised with the game.  We had so much fun we did it again.

T. Rowe Price worked with Disney to create this interactive game to teach families the importance of financial planning. You can do the game as a single or up to 3 people can compete on a team. There are a number of stations where you start the game.  There are plenty of cast members to help you along the way.

You need to decide what your long term savings goal will be.  You are offered several choices on the screen.  We chose a vacation, and the second time saved for college. Along the way you learn about setting goals, saving and spending wisely, inflation and diversification.

You take your piggy bank from station to station where you play games to help you reach your goal.  The wolf will make an appearance to try and prevent you from reaching your goal so be careful and keep an eye out.

We found that working as a team helped us increase our savings and earned us more money. I thought it was pretty clever how they can teach children and adults simple little ideas to help us save money and ways to spread our money around so that we don’t lose it all, or ways you can earn extra money.

At the end of the game you take your piggy bank to a weigh station where you find out if you have met your goal.  The first game we didn’t but the second game we had enough money for college. I highly recommend this game for families. I know when I was trying to teach my kids about money this would have been great!

Be sure to stop in and try The Great Piggy Bank Adventure at Epcot.  They also have an online version of this game you can play with your family. Try it with your family today.

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