Delta to raise fee on 2nd checked bag

| April 22, 2009 | 5 Replies

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my disdain for Delta in the past.  In my opinion they are among the worst airlines for customer service, and a quick Google search on “delta customer complaints” will show I’m not alone.

So, I shook my head in amazement at the announcement yesterday that Delta plans to raise the fee for a 2nd checked bag on domestic flights to $50.  Why?  Not because of fuel prices, but because they need to add $100M to their bottom line this year.  They just posted a loss of nearly $800M last quarter and this is the stroke of brilliance that’s supposed to help them.  God forbid they do something like, I don’t know, TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS WITH RESPECT, thereby making them WANT to fly the airline again.  No – Delta has a long and storied history of some of the worst customer service in the airline industry and this, my friends, is their long overdue chickens coming home to roost.  You can almost smell the desperation.

Delta is justifying the cost increase by saying it’s still a deal over shipping your luggage directly, which is like saying it’s cheaper to charter a Lear jet to take you on vacation than it is to buy one outright – it’s not a savings if it’s not something you would do anyway.  When was the last time you FedEx’d your luggage ahead to your destination?  Yes, some people do that – but the vast majority do not. Just another example of a crappy company trying to justify the unjustifiable.

As I’ve mentioned on the show several times the airlines have been looking to charge baggage fees for years, and last years spike in oil prices provided them the perfect excuse.  Of course, when the price of oil dropped, the fees remained in place and now Delta is looking to use this ‘model’ as a means to increase its profitability.  I can only hope this backfires on them and the rest of the airlines don’t follow suit.

It means little to me as I won’t fly Delta anyway after numerous customer service failures with their airline over the years.  More and more its Southwest that’s becoming my airline of choice mainly because their fees are reasonable and their customer service is phenomonal.  Too bad Delta didn’t learn about those concepts a few years ago -then perhaps customer loyalty would be keeping them afloat.  Lesson to the wise;  take care of your customers and they’ll take care of you.

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