RU freakin’ kidding me?

| March 10, 2009 | 6 Replies

Okay, so the big ‘secret’ is out – RU23 is Disney’s “Official” fan web site.  Meaning that you get to pay $75 for the privelige of buying ‘exclusive’ merchandise, and you get a magazine 4 times a year along with some other minor perks.

RU freakin kidding me??  This is the big announcement?  Disney’s decision to do something for the fans was this?  Color me ‘underwhelmed’.  And I’m not alone – here are some comments from our forums on the ‘big announcement’.

In a nutshell, a D23 membership costs $75 and gives you the privilege to buy ‘exclusive merchandise’ – like an $850 PEN (I’m not kidding). The entire thing is one huge marketing campaign that does not take THE REAL NEEDS of Disney fans into consideration.  This is just another example of Disney thinking they can shovel whatever crap they want to fans, and we’ll eat it up.

I’m going to save most of my comments on this for the next show, but I’ll say this now:  These people are the biggest idiots on earth if they think this is what qualifies as ‘the official on-line community for Disney fans’.  It’s insulting and they’ve served only to prove, once again, that “official” is synonmous with “crap” in the world of Disney.

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