Disneyland “It’s a Small World” video in HD

| March 2, 2009 | 2 Replies

The controversy continues over Disneyland’s new version of “It’s a Small World”.   The attraction, which reopened to the public on Feb 5th, was ‘enhanced’ by Disney Imagineers to include characters from several Disney films, including The Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and others.  Disney claims the changes were necessary to keep the attraction “relavent”, while many Disney fans claim that the changes amount to little more than an extension of Disney’s branding fetish.

In my opinion, the changes were unnecessary.  This is one of those attractions that maintained its appeal without the addition of new characters.  Disney could have chosen to enhance the attraction any number of ways without adding characters from their movies, which have absolutely nothing to do with the attractions original purpose – to act as a sort of “United Nations for kids”.

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