The First Two Days Aboard

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Sleeping on the ship is always so relaxing.  For the first time in a long time, we both slept through the night and didn’t get up until after 7 am!  For me this is very unusual.

The first day at sea was very busy.  After getting up and starting to function, we met with a bunch of DISers in the Promenade Lounge for the start of the cabin tours.  We paraded through the halls and looked at different categories of cabins from 3 through 11.  This is a fun thing to do to see how the other cabins are for your future cruises.  We saw a sideways category 11, a secret porthole category 10 and solid wall verandah category 6.  The best part for me was a couple days later a DISer invited me to see their category 5 wheelchair accessible room.  I had never seen one of these so it was nice to get this opportunity (thank you Enna!).

After the cabin tours, we grabbed a bite to eat and met up with a former head server that we love to death!  It was great to see Michelle and we are hoping we have her again on the five night (though Jeff has been great as well!).  We ate at Goofy’s Galley which has salads, wraps and sandwiches, plus fruit for lunch.  You don’t have to always go to a buffet on a cruise!

After that we headed down to Animators Palate for our DISer wine tasting.  I was working with Rajib who used to be a Sommelier on the ship but is now in charge of beverages on the ship.  We had originally requested for Michael Jordan to give the tasting, but we were told that it wouldn’t be possible.  No, I’m not talking about the basketball player.  I’m talking about the head chef and Master Sommelier from Napa Rose at the Grand Californian.  We had heard that he would be on our sailing and really wanted to have him work with us.  We were also told that it would be the standard wine tasting offered on the 7 night sailings.

As people started to arrive, Rajib informed me that Michael Jordan would not be giving us the instruction, but he would speak at the beginning of the tasting!!  I asked about the wines we would be tasting and found out that they would be all premium high end wines!  This was so exciting!  One of the reds turned out to be my favorite wine on the cruise!

We had a lot of fun with the tasting and learned a bit about wines.  We also found ourselves heading over to Guest Services to sign up for more of the wine tastings with Michael Jordan.  We will be doing the Taste Like a Master, Wines from France, and Wines from Sonoma and the Russian River Valley.  It was a difficult decision because one of the tastings will conflict with a martini tasting, but I am winotracy after all!

The next morning we arrived in Cabo San Lucas.  We missed this port in 2005 due to Hurricane Hillary.  It was very nice to have calm seas this time!  On the way into port we saw a large pod of dolphins and someone near us said they saw a whale!  During the course of the day, we also saw sea lions, flying fish and manta rays.

We had originally planned to do some kayaking and snorkeling in Cabo, but changed our minds and opted for something less strenuous.  We joined LegalBriefs and took a water taxi to Mangos for some food and beverages (mango smoothies).  Then we rented some jet skis.  I rode on the back with Bill and Ron had his own.  Immediately after we started, I started screaming!  I have decided that jet skis are not for me in the ocean.  It was too choppy and I was too scared!  After we drove by Lover’s Beach and Los Archos, we headed to the other point and then over to the Magic.  We paused in front of the Magic and took photos.  I then informed the guys that they would have much more fun if they took me back to the beach.  Soon after dropping me off, Ron had trouble with his engine and took it back in.  Bill waited, did a couple circles and waited some more.  All of a sudden a fish jumped in his jet ski!  It was one of those little fish that look like a swordfish but are much, much smaller.  Bill threw him back into the ocean and was on his way.

After Mangos, we took a taxi to Cabo Wabo to have a beverage and get a couple souvenirs for friends back home.  It was an interesting place, with live music.  We then went back to the pier, which was a much longer, hotter walk than we thought.

My impression of Cabo was that it was a very pretty place, but there still is a lot of people trying to sell goods all the time, continually bothering you.

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