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Today we woke up in Puerto Vallarta.  Of all the places in Mexico that I have seen, this is one of the two best!  The mountains were covered with lush greenery, it looks so beautiful!  Today is the day that I am going to ride a burro, zip line and rappel.  When I told Bill about this excursion and he realized it was before my birthday, he said “you may not make it to 40”.  After today, I’m surprised myself!

We had an interesting time with breakfast because we got moving so late.   The only place open was Topsiders and there was a huge line to get in.  I haven’t seen lines like that since the Mediterranean Cruise.  We had a bite to eat, got our stuff together and headed down to Sessions to check in.  Once we left the ship we got on a boat.  This was a semi-inflatable boat that goes very fast.  Got us to the area where we started in 20 minutes instead of the usual 45.  There we got on Unimogs.  These were Mercedes Benz vehicles that carried the people in the back.  Bill got to sit up with the driver, I sat on the tailgate.  The entire trip up the mountain, I kept wondering if the tailgate ever opened on someone and if so, if their head hit the ground or were we up high enough.  I had a seatbelt so I wouldn’t have to worry about bouncing out!

When we got to the base camp and got on our harnesses.  We then moved over to meet our burros (ok they really were mules, but it sounds better with burros).  There was one burro that was kicking and fighting and I prayed it wouldn’t be mine.  Then, they called Bill’s name to get on.  He was the biggest burro of the bunch, Pirate Pietro.  I got mine and was told its name was Chocolate.  We proceeded up the mountain, but not before Chocolate decided to make some “brownies” for everyone behind me!  I don’t think Chocolate liked me or my shirt and tried to ram me into every fence post along the way.  We finally got close to the top where I got off and Chocolate decided he was done.  He would not move.  Talk about a stubborn mule!

After I finally got off the burro, it was a short hike to our first zip line.  After the rules were given and some instructions, we started the zip lining!  I was the fourth to go across.  I screamed the whole way!!  I got to the other side and the guides asked me what was wrong.  I said I’m scared to death!  But I proceeded to the next line which was quite a hike.  I am surprised I made it, I need to get in shape!  I was huffing and puffing the whole way.  When we reached the top, there was water available and then we saw the zip line and about three others.  After the second zip line, it was a really quick walk to the third which was the fastest one we would have that day.  Again, screamed the entire way!

With the fourth zip line, we approached the waterfall.  The fifth zip line was a 45 degree drop down to the top of the waterfall.  We then got ready for our first rappel.  We walked down the side of the rocks with the waterfall to our side and landed in the water about thigh deep.  Once you got started, it was incredible!

Our next zip line took us over a small waterfall and landing in a pool of water about waist deep.  We then walked two different rope bridges and then came to what was the scariest ever!  We walked to the end of a suspended platform, were hooked up to ropes and did a freefall rappel into the water below.  I was praying to God as we went off the platform, but it turned out to be our favorite drop.  They got a great picture of the two of us so we bought it (and another of me) and we’ll get it in a couple days by email.

After this we had one or two more zip lines, including one that we went as a double on side by side zip lines.  This was the worst for me because I got turned sideways and couldn’t get straight after that.  Finally, we walked back to base camp, crossing the river various times, getting more and more wet!  At the base camp, they had beverages and some snacks for us to have while waiting to get in the Unimog for the trip back down the mountain (which by the way was much, much quicker!).  But then the rain started.  It rained all the way back.  We got in our speedboat and headed toward the port.

On the way back, we saw a pod of dolphins again.  I may or may not have pictures because I couldn’t see due to the rain.  This was a fabulous excursion that I am happy we decided to do, despite the rain and the expected pain in our muscles for the next few days!

It’s off to dinner soon and likely delivery of the fish extender gifts later tonight.  I figure we need to do that before our muscles seize up!

The software for this blogging changed after I left for California and I can’t quite figure out pictures yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll get some updated.

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