Tinkerbell Spreads Magic on Disney Cruise Line

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One of the things I love about Disney is that they continue to surprise me.  Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a not-so-good-way.  It can be a new ride, show, attaction, restaurant, hotel room or a service they provide that I didn’t know existed.  This blog falls into that last category.

Sue Ellen, one of Dreams Unlimited Travel agents, just returned from a wonderful cruise on the Disney Wonder.  Sue Ellen has sailed on Disney Cruise Line more times than I can count and I know she loves it as much as any of her clients.

On this last cruise Sue Ellen did something that I had never heard of, which she shared with the rest of the Dreams Unlimited Travel family in email.  Sue Ellen has agreed to let me post her email word-for-word, including her pictures.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but if you lose a tooth on the cruise Tinkerbell will come to see you.

Trevor lost one of his bottom teeth during our cruise.  Here is what was in our cabin when we returned for bed in the evening (the pictures didn’t come out all that clear, but I think you can see it okay.)  It was a really cool thing to come back to, and Trevor was THRILLED.  He has told everyone that will listen that Tinkerbell came to see him instead of the tooth fairy, and left him money too!  It made our day.

It started with the pixie dust on our bed.

The pixie dust spilled out over onto the floor leading to Trevor’s bed.


Then there was the card and pixie dust on Trevor’s bed.

Then finally the card.  There was a picture of Tinkerbell, and the note (filled with pixie dust) says Trevor…I heard you lost your tooth!  Congratulations!  Tinkerbell

SPOILER ALERT:  It was absolutely amazing (we did sneak in first and put the money under the card, but I think if you give guest services the money they would make sure that was with the card too.) What I did was go to guest services on the ship after he lost the tooth and asked for an envelope to put it in.  She then asked all of the details, and voila…after dinner Tinkerbell had been in the cabin and left her card for Trevor.  It was an awesome thing and he was mesmerized.

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