The Elevators Tell You What Day It Is

| June 23, 2008 | 6 Replies

That’s right…..forget which day it is on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and all you have to do is get on any elevator.  They change the floor to the current day.  This is one of those quirky things that you forget about in between cruises so it’s fun to see when you get back onboard.

Day 2, Sunday, was a sea day.  Sea days are great for exploring the ship, relaxing and just getting that overall ‘I’m finally on vacation’ feeling.

We slept in and missed breakfast so while Kevin was getting ready I headed to the Promenade to get a cup of coffee.  Royal Caribbean serves Seattle’s Best coffee exclusively on their cruises.  It is a good cup of coffee and the ‘regular’ coffee (and decaf and tea) are all free, all you have to do is go to the coffee station and help yourself. They also serve specialty coffees for a fee and I got us 2 large Mocha’s (at about $3.69 each) and headed back to the room.

After we enjoyed our coffee in our room and finished getting ready we then headed back down to the Promenade to do a little shopping.  Kevin forgot his watch so we figured we would pick up a cheap one for the cruise.

That’s when we saw it……the Italian style buffet at Sorento’s…..and the angels sang!!

It was as if they tapped into my brain and figured out exactly what liked.  There were olives, sun dried tomatoes, cheeses, pasta salad, seafood salad, dried meats, all types of breads with pesto spread and roasted garlic…..mmmmmmm.

We had a bite there, shopped for a watch and then Kevin went to the pool and I headed back to the room and wrote yesterday’s blog….and napped.

We tried something different this cruise, we purchased walkie-talkies.  So far they have been OK.  It’s been a challenge to find a frequency that others aren’t using so every once in a while you hear someone else talking and need to figure out if it’s for you or not.  They do make it nice to coordinate where and when we will meet during the day.

Kevin came back to the room and we got ready for dinner.  We had reservations at Portofino last night.  I am going to leave the review for Kevin but all I can say was it was awesome!!!  There is an additional charge of $20 per person at this restaurant (to cover the gratuities of the wait staff) and we tipped extra because the service was stellar.  As I said, more to come from Kevin on our meal.

After dinner we headed to the casino.  We’re starting to see the same people at the same tables in the casino and making some friends (well Kevin’s making friends…I’m avoiding eye contact).  We had a good night….I hit four of a kind on Let It Ride so now we are up for the cruise.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

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