Sarah Tells Us What it’s Like to be a Kid on a Disney Cruise Line Vacation

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A few weeks ago Sarah, 13, blogged about her feelings over the closing of Virtual Magic Kingdom.

We received such great feedback on her blog that I asked her to write another one, this time on any subject she wanted.  She chose a Disney Cruise vacation.  Specifically, Sarah tells us what it is like to experience a Disney Cruise from a kid’s perspective:

In most of the blogs it says I’m 13. But when I first went on a Disney Cruise I was about 5. I was really small but I could still do things and have fun like the other older kids. When I was that young I would mostly swim, hang out in the kids area and go out to eat.  Most of the time my mom and dad never saw me because I was always at the kids club.

If it is your first time going on a Disney Cruise and have little kids and want to have time to yourself, but your kids are too scared to let you go, there is a great parent beeper. Your child/children can call you whenever you want even if you’re on the islands.

The kids club isn’t always inside the boat. If you want to relax at the beach, the Kids club takes the kids out onto Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island). They feed the kids and get to have fun.  Also if you’re running a little late on for dinner and your kid is at the Club, don’t worry; they will be laying down watching a movie. Also they will be able to visit the lab to make things and play games. In the club they have fun games, like dress up. They can go down the stairs and dress like their favorite character and act with the new friends they made. Also they have computers the kids can share and play all kinds of different Disney computer games that keeps them happy for hours. The club also has a great inside playground where they could pretend to be pirates – Arrrg!

The second time I went on a Disney Cruise I was in the Oceaneer Lab where you can make your own Flubber just like in the movie. Also they have many arts and crafts like learning how to draw Mickey and his friends.  There is even a time when they let the boys go play basketball and let the girls do some girl things.

If your kids had watched a play in the theater and wondered how they did some of the magical things then they will be able to take a tour of the whole theater! How about learning about culture? They are able to watch Disney movies and learn about the characters culture. I had a lot of fun!

Also if you have older teens (13 and older) who don’t want to do things you’re going to do that day they can head over to the teen club! Since I just turned 13 I haven’t been in the Teen club yet but from what I’ve heard it’s VERY fun.  The teens can also have pool parties and hang out with the friends they made on the boat.

And don’t worry if you have a baby (12 weeks to 3 years) on the cruise with you they also have Flounders Reef Nursery where you can let the cast members watch them while you enjoy yourself to an evening out.

I didn’t just hang out in the club the whole time. I went swimming in the Mickey pool. This pool isn’t just any pool! It has three pools the head, and the two ears. It also has a great water slide that everyone can ride. The great thing about this water slide is that at the end of the slide doesn’t end into a pool. So if your little kid can’t swim then this would be great for them to have fun. There is also many other pools for you or your teens to have fun.

My Favorite thing of all time and the must do on the cruise is the Midnight dessert buffet. They have all sorts of chocolate and cakes and all that good stuff. If you have kids, plan a sleep in day the next day so when the kids have the late night sugar high like me then you can all sleep in after a long night of hyper kids.

Also the best thing I enjoyed at night was right before bed, I would order a PB&J or a grilled cheese and a glass of milk from room service. Then I would be ready to get some rest for that next day of fun in the sun on the Disney Cruise. So if you’re thinking about the Disney cruise but scared your children won’t have fun. Trust me they will, I know I did!

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