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I want to be up front with you before I start to let you know that I have never been a follower of the Simpsons on TV. I can not remember sitting through a whole Simpsons TV show ever. It was always one of those shows that just was not watched in our house. I guess with show #400 going to be aired in May it must be a big hit, and maybe I need to go back and view a few of them.

Simpsons Sign

I arrived at Universal around 12:30 pm in hopes of finding the New Simpsons ride open for testing. To my surprise it was open and had a 90 minute wait to get in posted. Now I have to be fair here,  in a soft open there are times that you will find that the adjustments to the ride are being made. That is what the soft open really is for, working out the bugs and tweeking the ride.

I spoke to the cast members about the ride to get an idea if it really will take 90 minutes to ride. They advised if you could come back first thing in the morning that would be best to get right on the ride with a minimal wait.  I decided that was probably a good idea and went about taking my pictures of the attraction.

Then something happened that I did not expect. I noticed acast member changed the wait time to 40 minutes. I can wait 40 minutes I thought to myself so I did.

I think I will post a few of the pictures I had taken here before I continue.

 Simpsons Entrance

Sipsons Entrance1

Here is where I must warn anyone that is using an ECV cart, a wheelchair or someone with a child in a stroller. You will not be able to take the stroller or the EVC in the queue line. There were a few Universal wheel chairs that you can transfer to, that they will let you  use during the ride instead of the ECV. I was told that you would have to wheel your self through the queue. So I warn those that come in alone, be prepared to wheel yourself though the line. They made it clear they have no one that will be able to help you. I chose to walk the queue line on this visit, but plan to go back and experience what it is like using the wheelchair. They did mention the wheelchairs go to the first level but I did not see anyone that did that so more info will be following in my next blog on the ride.



As you can see above you enter through the crazy clowns mouth. They have the carpet leading up to the clowns mouth looking like it is his tongue. The height limit is 40 inches tall for those that have a height challenged child that is still growing.

Simpsons Queue

Simpsons ride

I will continue the report tomorrow which will include more pictures and information.

Please note I am not going to be a spoiler on what takes place once the doors close for the ride. I feel that it is not right to judge especially since I am not a fan of the Simpsons so some of the inside jokes may have been lost on me. I will tell you it is a 6 minute ride that has very good graphics.


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