Mea Culpa

| March 28, 2008 | 15 Replies

Well, I screwed up – big time.

Last month on our Feb 5th show I discussed an article that I read on The Motley Fool regarding Disney’s plans for a fifth theme park.   Apparently, the article that I based that story on was a hypothetical – and the irony was lost on me (I’m not always the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to nuance), and I took the article literally and reported it on the show as such.   I only became aware of the error the other day when someone pointed out to me that another web site was taking us to task over it (thanks AussieJohn!!).   I’ll certainly mention this on next weeks show as I’ve always issued corrections and retractions when we get something wrong, but I wanted to write something here as well.

I’ll never lay claim to perfection, but I need to pay better attention to what I present as fact on our show, and on our site.  It’s never my desire to be intentionally misleading, but with a site of this size and a show with an audience the size of ours, I need to be held to a higher standard and I accept full responsibility for the error.  My apologies to the Motley Fool (as if they care) and to all of you – you deserve better from me, and I promise to be more scrutinizing in the sources we use on the show.

Thanks for understanding.


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