Disney Discounts Fall Flat

| March 27, 2008 | 5 Replies

Today the Disney Company has released a new set of discounts for the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  Details of this new offer can be found here, but basically this is a discount off the regular room rate for travel 4/20 – 5/21/2008 which can also be applied to a package.

One of the things we love to do at Dreams Unlimited Travel is keep a running tally of how much we save our clients when new discounts are released.  Agents share their experience in getting their clients the best rate and while it is all very friendly you can see the slightest amount of competitive spirit come through to see who saved the most. 

It feels good to save people money on their Disney vacation.

Well this time around the savings are almost sad.  This newest discount is, at best, only saving people a few dollars off their current reservations and for the most part little to no savings are available at all.

Very disappointing indeed.

Why release a discount at all if it is so limited no one can use it?  Do the marketing people at Disney think people will be singing their praises when they save 17 cents on their vacation (I’m not exaggertaing, that’s what we were able to save one client.  In my orignal blog I listed our lowest savings as $26.98 but I was just informed we have a new lowest savings – 17 cents).

Now, before you think I am just being bitter and petty I do recognize that any savings, no matter how small, is welcome in the current economy.  I also realize that Disney doesn’t have to reduce their rates at all.  However I do expect that any announcement of any discount will result in more ‘new business’ for them.  I also know that we have had a few success stories today, saving a handful of clients a few hundred dollars or getting them upgraded to a different room or resort for about the same price.

I guess my gripe is that Disney has us so conditioned to hope and pray and watch for discounts that when this one was released it was much ado about nothing.

Here’s hoping the next discount will be better.

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