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| March 23, 2008 | 8 Replies

Showcase that is and I wanted to rank the countries from the best to the worst for shopping.  Of course, each pavillion has something unique that they offer, but it is not always an item that you want or can carry home.  I am ranking them from 1 to 11 and including my favorite items.

1.  France – E. Barrett Co. Soaps from Provence and the wooden kitchen utensils
2.  Norway – Laila perfume and the Hasla Jewelry
3.  United Kingdom – Twinings teas, The Toy Soldier shop and Beatles gear
4.  Japan – Sake bar and Sushi plates
5.  Italy – Rosa Regale, chocolates and Nesti Dante soaps from Florence
6.  Canada – Goat Mountain Soaps, Kitras art glass, and maple syrup
7.  Mexico – Oaxacan wood carvings and turquoise jewelry
8.  Germany – Beautiful crystal pieces and glass christmas ornaments
9.  China – Jade jewelry
10.  Morocco – Mosaic fountains
11.  The American Adventure – Sorry guys, but no one should buy anything in this store!  Well, unless you collect freaky,
       talking presidential dolls!

As you can see, I really have a hankering for nice soaps and jewelry, but hey I am a woman.

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