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| March 13, 2008 | 8 Replies

We are Disney geeks through and through.

Bob said that he thought the new “grab and go” place at Disney’s Wide World of Sports was pretty good, so off we went to see what was what.

We arrived on what originally looked like “surly teenage girl with stick” day but turned out to be a girl’s lacrosse tournament.

After our hike from the parking lot, we saw this huge overhead banner letting us know that this was the NEW Disney’s Wide World of Sports Cafe. As we entered under this banner, a man sitting in a dark corner asked if we were “gonna eat”? The sarcastic side of me had a slew of answers but decided to just go with the flow. When we told him that yes, we intended to eat, he told us this wasn’t the restaurant. Y’all should be proud of me. I didn’t even question him on why he was sitiing in the dark ambushing people, why he was asking people if they were “gonna eat” or why there is a freaking 10 foot banner over the entrance announcing the NEW cafe when this isn’t the cafe.

We just did as we were told and went to go through the turnstiles, where we were asked if we had a ticket to “surly teenage girl with stick” day. We explained that we were just here to try the new cafe. It was then explained that we had to go around the turnstiles, as only people with tickets were allowed to go through the turnstiles. This must be some sort of Cafe Initiation.

Upon arrival, you enter this large reception area with a couple of registers set up. It all looks very temporary. As the queue was full of “surly teenage girls with sticks”, we were told to go into the cafe and there was another window.  It is here that you place your order and pay.

You are then given a large plastic “key” which you take to your chosen table. Once there, you stick this key in the key receptacle on the table. This let’s them know where you are.

The Cafe looks like the dining hall in any small college. It’s a large room with sports pennants hanging from the ceiling. That’s it for ambiance. There is a bar at the back and a bank of self serve soda machines along the wall.

Our food arrived within minutes and it was tasty. I had the Cobb Salad that Bob talked about. I thought the portion was very small for $7.99. John had a turkey sandwich which was ok and we tried the three soups offered. (Tuscan Veggie, New England Clam Chowder and Chicken Noodle). This was all served in disposable plastic ware.

There is nothing bad to say about this place. It’s got a clever delivery system and on days when there are big events going on, I bet that comes in mighty handy.  The food was tasty and served quickly, but not noteworthy in any other way.

That being said….I would not drive 2 minutes out of my way to get here. It’s ok if you are already there and hungry but, it’s not worth the walk from the parking lot or the question and answer session with the man in the corner, unless you have another reason to be there. You can do much better and spend less at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney.

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