Those damn chicken wings

| March 7, 2008 | 6 Replies

Okay, I’ve found what is quite possibly the best finger food ever to grace God’s earth – the Honey Ginger chicken wings from the Concourse Steak House. How is it I’ve lived my entire life without trying these???

Perhaps it’s because prior to this, the mere thought of even entering the Contemporary was enough to send a cold, dead chill down my spine – or maybe it’s because I’m a reclusive Howard Hughes-like hermit who will only leave his house when forced by providence. Either way, I tried these baby’s last night and had to come back tonight for another pass. I’m pretty sure they are sprinkling them with crack which explains why I’m having dreams about them (I’m not kidding, I took a nap after coming back from the MK today and I actually DREAMED about these wings – perhaps this is why I’m 235 lbs and in desperate need of a diet overhaul).

While I’m on the subject of ‘diets’, I was convinced that there was no way I was going to be able to follow my Dr’s orders to keep a low fat/low sugar/low sodium diet while staying on property. I dismissed Disney’s claims of adding ‘healthier’ fare to their menus as little more than marketing hype (I can be forgiven for this, since so many of Disney’s claims are, in fact, marketing hype). But I must admit that I’ve had NO trouble keeping to my regimen – every dining venue from fast food to signature dining has had more than a cursory selection of healthy and very tasty dishes. That’s saying something, since (for me anyway) healthy and tasty are words that rarely find their way into the same sentance. The chicken wings and the cinnamon bun on Main St. this morning were my only transgressions – but c’mon, I’m only human and the smell of those buns were just too much for me to take today. Bob did end up eating more of it than I did, so I’m not being too hard on myself.

What made the bakery experience even more priceless was that we were serenaded by the Dapper Dans as we sat on Main Street – honestly, how much better does it get???

Biggest Rip off: take a look at the two pictures below and guess what the difference between them is:

The picture on top is a tuna sandwich sent from room service – with the exception of a small pasta salad it is IDENTICAL in every regard to the tuna sandwich on the bottom, which was purchased at the Grab ‘n Go. The other difference is that the room service sandwich cost a STAGGERING $17 ($11.99 for the sandwich, an 18% gratuity and a $3 ‘trip charge’) – versus $6.25 (appx, including tax) for the self serve sandwich. Moral of the story: When ordering room service ask yourself “Just how lazy am I and is it worth $11 to not get up from the bed??”.

Favorite Moment of the Day: I decided to TRY and write this blog entry from the Concourse on the 4th floor – forgetting that this is a convention resort, and that conventions inevitably bring…CONVENTIONEERS. I had a group of 6 at the table next to me – five guys and one woman who was quite possibly the loudest creature on earth. Every sentence had to be projected at the top of her lungs so that people eating at the California Grill would be completely up to date on her husbands anal warts (I’m not kidding). You know this woman – every office has one – she’s the office slut that stopped being attractive about 20 years and 5 martini’s ago.  After 30 minutes of her trying to sleep her way into an admin position, I decided to go back to my room and call it a night. All kidding aside – this is a convention resort and families should be aware that sometimes these folks don’t actually behave like adults. I’ll admit, this was a more extreme example, but there were kids all around watching and listening to this drunk make a fool of herself.

So now I’m home and if you want to know what I really think of the Contemporary, you’ll need to tune in to our show on Tuesday. My next blog entry will be sometime on Sunday, when Walter and I start our 4 day cruise on the Disney Wonder.

See ya then!!


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