We got let down and it’s a bitter pill to swallow

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high quality hermes replica Mildenhall Fen Tigers see home winning streak ended by KentKevin Jolly was fuming after Mildenhall Fen Tigers loss perfect hermes birkin replica to KentMildenhall boss Kevin Jolly was “shell shocked” after witnessing his team surrender their 11 match winning run at replica hermes belt home with a wretched performance, losing 46 43 to Kent.The Fen Tigers were second best throughout and yet almost pulled off another late rescue mission when Connor Mountain and Dan Halsey led for nearly two laps of a last heat 5 1 that would have won the meeting by a point, only to blow it when Halsey’s engine seized on bend four.But it would have been an undeserved victory and papered over large cracks that surfaced with four riders pitifully struggling Luke Ruddick, reserves Danno Verge and Sam Woods, but, most out of character of all, Jon Armstrong.The veteran captain looked like a novice as he struggled with the heavy clay circuit and was on the end hermes birkin replica ebay of the Kings’ three damning 5 1 maximums, including with Ruddick in heat three when he went replica hermes evelyne bag from first to third inside half a lap having looked at his best for three laps.Halsey, with four straight wins, and Mountain, beaten in only his third ride, kept Mildenhall just three points behind their play off rivals for most of the clash until impressive duo Ben Hopwood and Bradley Andrews combined for a devastating heat 12 maximum that extended the gap to seven.Halsey and Mountain immediately paired for their own one two response, and Ruddick pulled a penultimate race win out of the bag to give them hope, only for Halsey’s mechanical failure to prove the final wound for Jolly.”That was poor, I think some of them have gone on their holidays,” he said.”We didn’t deserve to win but Dan and Connor did. We got let down and it’s a bitter pill to swallow. I’m shell shocked.”The track caught us out a little bit but we weren’t up for it. high quality hermes replica

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