Culinary Quest: Breakfast at Steakhouse 55

The very first blog I ever wrote professed my love for Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel. I had heard that Steakhouse 55 served breakfast too, but had never really thought about partaking in it. One morning, as my wife and I were cruising the resort on a dining fact finding mission, we happened upon my beloved Steakhouse 55. The placard in front offered breakfast. Intrigued by the idea of a fine dining steakhouse offering breakfast, we asked the cast member about their breakfast offerings. She said how great the breakfast was and that we should definitely join them. We made a note to do so at a later date. Could my beloved Steakhouse be just as good in the morning as in the evening? I would soon find out.

I won’t keep anyone in suspense. Then again, if this is your idea of suspense…Steakhouse 55 makes a great breakfast!

I ordered the build-your-own omelet with cheese, bacon, and onions for $12.00. The omelet is served with toast or a muffin, and a small side of fruit. You may choose up to three fillings, including cheese, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, ham, avocado, tomatoes, onions, and roasted peppers.

The omelet was one of the best I had ever eaten. Usually omelets are all about the fillings, but in this case the egg itself is worthy of mention. It was light and fluffy and did more than simply keep the insides together. It reminded me what a good omelet is supposed to taste like. This isn’t a buffet line omelet that we are all used to. It was excellent.

My wife ordered the eggs benedict for $14.00. It was prepared in the classic way with poached eggs, Canadian bacon, and hollandaise sauce. It was served with a choice of fresh fruit or breakfast potatoes. Again, this was high quality made-to-order eggs benedict, not the kind you get out of a tray after waiting your turn.

Being a good DIS Unplugged blogger, and for the sake of the readers, my son sacrificed and ordered off the adult menu. He ordered the French toast with warm bananas foster for $12.00. Berry compote is an option as well. Even though this was off the adult menu, a children’s menu is available.

Other breakfast offerings include buttermilk pancakes ($11.00), steak and eggs ($17.00), and traditional American egg breakfasts. Mexican breakfast specialties are offered as well, including a huevos rancheros plate and breakfast burrito (both $12.00). For those who prefer a lighter breakfast, Steakhouse 55 offers a veggie egg-white omelet for $11.00, oatmeal with yogurt, fruit, or small juice for $10.00, a bakery basket for $5.99, and a selection of granola, cereals, seasonal fruit, and yogurt for $8.00.

We were impressed by everything about the Steakhouse 55 breakfast. First, its atmosphere is nice and relaxed. The service is attentive and we didn’t have to wait long for our food. The price for the high quality is excellent also, especially when comparing it to in-park breakfasts and adding the Annual Passholder discount. Most importantly, the food is hot, fresh, and tastes great. Often times breakfast is just an after thought when on vacation. Eat quick and get to the parks. A visit to Steakhouse 55 will make you rethink that concept, and you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. kimstar Avatar

    Thanks for your review Tony! That breakfast looks and sounds amazing!

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  4. daneenm Avatar

    Wow, that looks terrific! Thanks for the review and pics.

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