Remember this Michael Jackson 3-D film at Disney? Captain EO

Captain EO Part 1

Captain EO Part 2






14 responses to “Remember this Michael Jackson 3-D film at Disney? Captain EO”

  1. wtlivesey Avatar

    Thank you soo much Corey for adding this. Brings back such great memeories!!! I was only able to see it once in Disney 🙁

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  4. Kathy Werling Avatar
    Kathy Werling

    I am sorry I never got to see this.

  5. kimstar Avatar

    I am a HUGE MJ fan and I am devistated. I feel like Captain EO and Michael Jackson from the 80s have a direct link with the feelings I have about Epcot. The things I love about Epcot most are the feelings of this retro futuristic tomorrow and I feel like Captain EO, the Bad Album, his Moonwalker Movie, his awesome glittery and metallic outfits just have this complimentary feeling in my brain. Michael Jackson was a HUGE Disney fan. His love for Peter Pan was most obvious… not ever growing up. Many of us on the DIS can relate to this, and this is why we love WDW and DL. You’re just another part of me… much love Michael. :*(

  6. disgram Avatar

    While I was very confused about Michael, I Loved his music! My son and daughter played it all the time or had MTV on. The music ran the gambit from sad to happy. There seem to be a song for everything.
    We were fortunate to have seen Captain EO before it left Epcot for California. An excellent show.
    I was so looking forward to the concert tour he was about to start.
    Heaven has a new star this week and we have lost a wonderful soul. Will miss you Michael.

  7. plumeria9 Avatar

    I was at the opening party at Disneyland for Captain Eo w/ my now-husband. Wow what a long time ago. I remember the show pretty well, I really enjoyed it. I also got to see the Jackson 5 perform at Dodger Stadium in 1984. I’m showing my age! MJ, rest in peace. Now you have attained legendary status like Elvis & Marilyn.

  8. dragonstarr Avatar

    Thank you, Corey. It was as wonderful and corny as I remembered it. The queen’s nails used to scare me as a kid:)

  9. miss missy Avatar
    miss missy

    Anyone know what dates it was there? Was it at WDW too?

  10. Zzizzy Avatar

    Thanks Corey. I haven’t had this big an emotional reaction in quite come time. I always saw Captain Eo every time I went to Disneyland. For it’s time, the presentation was spectator and the theater’s sound system was awesome. It was a very special show. But seeing these clips also brought back a rush of memories. I could see myself sitting in the theater with the friends I had at the time. I could see their faces and smiles and I remember the great times we had. It’s funny how sounds and sights can bring all that back. The finale song would play as we exited the theater and went off to other adventures in the park. It was such a good time. I would give anything to have those times again and seeing this show brought back all those feelings. Thanks.

  11. Shelterkat Avatar

    Thank you so much..brought back great memories!

  12. JennyG Avatar

    Thanks Corey!
    I saw Captain EO when I was very young and too scared to watch with out my hand over my eyes. It seems like I missed out on a great show but was happy to actually see it as an adult… 3D or not, it was great!

  13. Victor Barreda Avatar
    Victor Barreda

    Why was this so good back then and i don’t 3d movies now going all the way like this did? Is it just that my vision has gone bad?

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